Christmas Stories (Part 3): Was Jesus Born in a Stable?

Last year I wrote two blogs about Christmas stories, one about Luke's narrative and the other about Matthew's account. This year I wanted to add a bit more about one particular well-known section in Luke's gospel, especially chapter 2, verse 7, to answer the question of where Jesus was born.


A New New Testament

Studying a modern translation is a great help to understanding the New Testament. This blog is about an excellent new translation and study Bible created just for the Latter-day Saint audience.

Can We Believe the Creation Accounts?

Genesis chapters 1 and 2 give the story of the creation of the world—except they actually give two accounts. In addition, Latter-day Saints have versions of those same two creation accounts in Moses chapters 2 and 3 and Abraham chapters 4 and 5. Each of them offers a different view of the creation story with unique attributes and information. Are these creation accounts something we should take literally or do we toss them out like myths, as many advocate?

Moses 1: A Model for Self-Understanding

As many turn to the study of the Old Testament in 2018, Moses 1 is a common starting point. It serves as an introduction to Genesis, which is an introduction to the whole message of the Hebrew scriptures. Moses 1 also has much to say about how we view and understand ourselves—in fact, it can serve as a model for how we might view our own lives in relation to God's plan for us.